About Norah’s Valley

The beauty of this fertile land has inspired many a poet and philosopher.

Here, abundance flows and the magic is felt by those who experience Norah’s Valley.

A de-alcoholised, smooth, elegant and Noble Red to be enjoyed in its purest and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

Norah’s Valley was founded in 2019. It is our mission “To create great tasting organic beverages that promote a healthy, responsible lifestyle.”

Our Story

The inspiration behind creating a de-alcoholised brand in both the local and international market is courtesy of our dear Aunt Sharon.

The name Norah’s originates from Sharon spelt backwards with the addition of the ‘valley’ as an opportunity to create a sense of place.

A hand-crafted flora frame, designed with the inspiration of the Rose of Sharon, ‘Hibiscus Syriacus’, included the 5 ‘elements’, Heaven, Air, Water, Earth, Fire in the centre of the icon.

The graphic lines are a simplified version of the symbols for each of these elements, adding a pattern & texture to the design concept.

Printed on Icy White, the use of dark greys and golds demonstrate the contrast of the copper foil to give it more impact. Finished with a matt varnish and high build add to the textural quality.

Here, the magic is felt by all those who experience Norah’s Valley…

You may be asking yourself: What does de-alcoholised mean? Simply put, the alcohol is removed from the finished wine by using technology where the wine is put through a spinning cone, which sends the wine through different membranes at high revolution, removing the alcohol. This beverage contains no additions and is chemical free.

Our Wine

Norah’s Valley Velvet Red

Norah’s Valley Velvet Red

The aromas are bright fruit, cherry, mulberry and roadside brambles. The palate is delicate, though generous. The oak is there in undertow to support the fruit. Well balanced and harmonious in the waning aftertaste.
Norah’s Valley Silky White

Norah’s Valley Silk White

The aromas are bright fruited, desiccated pineapple and mango. The palate is delicate and generous with the pineapple repeated, winter melon, mango and an undertow of sweet tropical limes. Well balanced and harmonious in the waning aftertaste.
Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling

Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling

The aromas are of bright sub-tropical fruits, desiccated pineapple, passion fruit and ripe mango. The palate is delicate and generous and alive with the aromas making a reprise with winter melon and sweet tropical limes at the ending. Well balanced and harmonious.

Health Benefits

With less than 0.5% alcohol, this organic beverage enjoys all the health benefits of red wine and is 100% vegan friendly.

Did you know that Norah’s Valley is:


50% improvement of skin conditions


100% vegan friendly (made with plant enzymes)


* 100% safe for pregnant moms


Has 60% fewer calories than wine

* Norah's Valley contains traces of alcohol (0.27%). For more information consult your physician.


Reduces strokes and heart attacks by 50%


Decreases mortality rate by 34%


...and MANY more benefits


Norah’s Valley, in order to provide better service to non-major urban areas, have established a distributor program. Should you wish to discover if you have a local distributor or wish to enquire about starting up a Distributor business, contact us at info@norahsvalley.com

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